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Counter Strike: Global offensive is the second game and also the sequel to the all popular and well-known game, Counter Strike: Source. The Counter Strike games were developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. The Counter Strike games may be played on many different platforms including: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Linux. The Counter Strike games include a riveting multiplayer first-shooter system, with Counter Strike: Global Offensive being the fourth games released for the Counter Strike games. Counter Strike: Global Offensive was released to the public on August 21, 2012. Cross-platform multiplayer was originally planned to be released for all systems, but was soon limited to online computer platforms due to update-frequency between the platforms. The main task of this game is to put two teams against each other, known as the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. Each game mode comes with different objectives for these teams to complete, all while trying to eliminate the opposing team.  

Depending on which game mode is being chosen to play, some of the objectives for these teams might include the Terrorists planting a bomb or defending hostages while the Counter-Terrorists must try to stop the bomb from being planted or rescuing hostages. There are six different game modes that can be played in the Counter Strike: Global offensive game. This game also includes a matchmaking system which allows its players to play on dedicated Valve servers or to allow players of the community to host their own servers with custom-made maps and custom-made game modes. Counter Strike: Global offensive also has a competitive game mode which includes tournaments sponsored by Valve which are called, “Majors”. This game mode is the most competitive game mode you can find in this game. In the Counter-Strike games, no matter what the personal taste is to the player, there is a game mode made for everyone.  

Counter Strike: Global offensive received mostly positive reviews from the game critics. This game has received positive feedback for its addictive game play and its faithfulness to the story of the other Counter Strike games. Not to mention the cool customization you can do by purchasing skins on websites like and other trusted webistes. However, like most games that have multiple platforms, many players have initially noticed strong differences of the console version of the game and the PC version of the game. Counter-Strike Global Offensive has won the eSports Game of the Year award at The Game Awards for 2015. Most players of this game have stated that they prefer the PC version of this game rather than the console version of this game.