GPS For Motorcycles?

The latest motorcycle navigators (GPS systems) help bikers to safely find their routes on busy city streets. They also guide them to new destinations for purposes of adventure. Most of them are designed to withstand harsh conditions on the road and are full of intuitive features which make the riding experience heavenly.

Discussed below are some of the best GPS systems.

Garmin Zumo 595LM

It is one of the best motorcycle navigators with routing options for hilly and twisty terrain. It is of great help to many hardcore bikers. Listed below are some of the key things that make it unique. The router alerts the biker for sharp curves, speed cameras and offers multiple safety tips. Zumo can easily be paired with a smartphone using Bluetooth which enables hands-free calling. Crucial notifications such as important emails can also pop up on the Zumo screen. It is possible to play music from your smartphone or MP3 player and the router can also connect to Spotify music services.

It has a 5-inch touchscreen designed for harsh weather. The touchscreen is double-oriented and is glove-friendly. The motorcycle navigator is made with a transflective technological design which gives it a brighter display and reduces glare which makes it readable on sunny days. It also has helpful voice prompts put in place for accuracy during turns or lane exits. The brightly colored arrow on the Zumo screen also eases navigation. A “Trackback” feature is put in place to help the biker navigate the same route in reverse during a return journey. The navigator system suggests potential rest areas and issues fatigue warnings in case of longer rides.

TomTom Rider 400

This motorcycle navigator is rated to have the best value. Some of the key features associated with this router include; It is relatively cheap but has desirable results. It is most suitable for winding roads and to top on that it has lifetime maps ready for use by the biker. This motorcycle navigator is usable at sea level and even on elevated positions such as hill peaks. The biker can discover new routes by simply tapping on a preferred location. Round-trip planning is also made possible. It is possible to see more curves on your route by rotating the navigator which will automatically shift to portrait view mode. The router makes it possible for a rider to plan for a trip beforehand. It is possible to view a certain route while at home.

It has a weather-proof design which is of great benefit to the user. Audio instructions can be issued via a Bluetooth headset and this helps you keep eyes on the road. A high contrast mode enables the rider to view a route in bright conditions without struggle. Conclusion Motorcycle navigation devices revolutionized biking to a whole new level. These latest GPS systems make a riding experience safe and more enjoyable. Most of these navigation systems are resistant to UV rays and fuel spills. Any off-road riding adventures can be handled by loading topographical maps on the high-end devices. To have the best motorcycle GPS system you have to dig a bit deeper into the pockets but with it a smile will never leave your face when riding to new places for adventure or on busy streets. Road safety is also guaranteed when using these routers because of the safety tips that pop up frequently on the screen and also the audio instructions incorporated.

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